New twist in Tariq Ramadan multiple rape scandal as he heads to court

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Rape-accused Swiss-born scholar Tariq Ramadan will be interrogated before judges in France on Tuesday for the first time since his detention in February.

The Swiss scholar was imprisoned in February over rape allegations in France, wherein two women’s complaints led to a criminal investigation last October.

The Islamic theologian has been incarcerated for four months, charged with raping two women.

He is expected to change his line of defense.

In a new twist, Ramadan now risks a third indictment; this time suspected of several alleged rapes of Mounia R, a former escort who has links to a previous high-profile investigation related to the "Carlton scandal" in France.

Unlike the other two complainants, who each describe a single rape, the 40-year-old Mounia has claimed series of sexual assaults committed over several months by the scholar.

The new hearing will seek to confirm if Ramadan, 55, will admit to sexual encounters with Mounia, and if so, under which circumstances and conditions were they occurred.

Ramadan denies all previous rape allegations against him.

A black dress – from Zara in the size XS – was given to investigators by Mounia, allegedly stained with Ramadan’s DNA, according to French media.

Mounia describes nine rapes allegedly committed from February 2013 to June 2014, in hotels in Paris, Roissy, Lille, London and Brussels.

Like the other two plaintiffs, Mounia claims to have been threatened verbally and physically by Ramadan.

The scholar suffers from multiple sclerosis, but his treatment was deemed by judges to be compatible with his detention.

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