Iranian woman shouts ‘Death to Khamenei’ in protest of activist executions

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A video of a woman shouting “death to Khamenei” among protesters demonstrating against the execution of political activists in the streets of Karaj, a suburb of Tehran, has been circulating between social media activists on Wednesday.

The woman said “the people of the regime want to execute Sufi prisoners and Ramin Hossein Panahi.” “What did he do,” she added.


Another video showed the woman, who has removed her headscarf standing in Mehran Square and chanting against the Iranian regime and condemning the continued oppression as well as the imposition of the hijab (headscarf).

The activists said they are unsure of what happened to the women following unverified reports of her arrest by security forces after videos of her protest went viral.

Kurdish activist Panahi was arrested June, 2017, for allegedly being a member of the Kurdish nationalist group Komala after being chased and shot twice by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Panahi has been sentenced to death for acting against national security.

Many Sufis are still being held since their protest in Tehran in February, 2017, and others have been sentenced to death for charges of violating national security as well as their anti-government demonstrations.

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