Iran opposition urges youth to join Tehran Bazaar protests

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Iran’s opposition leader Maryam Rajavi has used the social networking site, Twitter, in solidarity with the protesters who filled the streets of the capital Tehran on Monday.

The protesters took to the streets objecting the rise of the dollar to the Iranian currency.


Rajavi confirmed via Twitter that the high prices crises, which left the Iranian people in a problematic situation, is a result of the Iranian regime’s policy who plundered hundreds of billions or spent money suppressing its people and engaging in war in Syria and the rest of the region.

A large-scale popular campaign was launched by activists on social networking sites. The campaign called for a change in the economic team members, and the search for solutions to rid of the crisis that burdens the Iranians.

Protesters chanted against Iran’s intervention in Syria, which led to heavy damages to the economy and exhausted citizens. Therefore, Protesters demanded for an immediate withdrawal.

On Monday, traders protested on the Hafez Bridge in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

The dollar has reached an unprecedented price in Iran’s history in the past 40 years.

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