Egypt’s Sisi: June 30 changed the nation, ended waves of extremism

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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi declared in a speech on Saturday that the June 30 protests, in which Egyptians took to the streets to rally, changed the nation from one on the path of evil, exclusion, and extremism to one on the path of good, peace, and growth.

Speaking on the fifth anniversary of 2013 mass protests that ousted former Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s President Sisi added that millions of Egyptians rose to proclaim that there was no place for conspirators among them.

He considered the occasion as the day Egyptians stopped the waves of extremism and division that were sweeping the region.

The president said the turbulent years that Egypt and the region’s countries experienced since 2011 have produced three major detrimental results: the absence of security and political stability, the spread of terrorism and violence, and the collapse of the economy.

Sisi added that in terms of security and stability, Egypt has reestablished its institutions, including its constitution and executive and legislative authority along with its judicial authority, to rebuild political stability in the country.

He also affirmed that the police and armed forces were successful in suppressing and persecuting terrorism and all those involved despite considerable political support from abroad that terrorist groups were receiving.

He added that Egypt could not have done so without the help of its people who sacrifised themselves to protect their country.

‘We are walking on the right path’

In regards to the economic conditions, al-Sisi said that Egypt’s foreign exchange margin had reached less than $15 billion in June 2013, which was less than the population growth rate, indicating that the Egyptian economy was shrinking in size.

The rates indicated that the economic situation needed to be addressed and reforms undertaken as soon as possible.

However, the president added that Egypt was on the right path, with its foreign exchange reserves rising from about $15 billion to $44 billion, the highest level achieved by Egypt in its history.

The economic growth rate has also increased from 2 percent five years ago to 5.4 percent, and Sisi said that the government aims that the rapid growth will touch 7 percent in the next few years.

According to Sisi, this will change the way of life in Egypt and will put the country on a rapid economic path.