Recounts of Iraqi election results reveal shock inconsistencies

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After confirming that the results of the Iraqi legislative elections held on May 12 will be recounted manually, supervisors noticed an inconsistency in the electronic results of the district of Daquq and the results that are being recounted manually.

The Saeroon bloc backed by nationalist cleric Muqtada al-Sadr first issued electronically-counted results.

They ranked first in the Kirkuk province and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which was led by the late president Jalal Talabani and was selected as the first province to manually recount the results.

However, the manual recounts reflected a different case.

Ahmed Ramzi, the electoral district official of two polling stations in Kirkuk, announced Thursday that the ongoing count showed significant advancements for Turkmen and Arab blocs in the province, while the votes for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan decreased.

The count showed an unprecedented difference of 593 votes for the Turkmen bloc in Kirkuk, where the manual count resulted in 738 votes but the electronic count resulted in only 145 votes.

Ramzi also said that the Arab bloc initially had 46 votes, according to the electronic count, but the manual count revealed that the bloc received 239 votes.

Ramzi added that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which had 1,363 votes in the electronic count, was said to have 115 votes during the manual count.