Israeli Patriot missile targets a drone near Golan Heights

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Israel launched a Patriot interceptor missile on Friday at a drone spotted approaching from Syria near Israeli-occupied Golan Heights close to the Lake of Tiberias (Bohayrat Tabaraya).

Tel Aviv has warned Damascus of any kind of approaches towards the Golan Heights, occupied by Israel in 1967.

In June 24, the Israeli army said its air forces launched a missile towards a drone which was near its northern border coming from Syria and forced it to retreat back.

While in February Israel said an Iranian made drone was spotted approaching which led to escalation between the two countries and consequently leading to the the Syrian side to shoot down an Israeli F-16 fighter jet.

Israel has repeatedly warned of Iran’s growing military presence in nearby Syria which it considers as a threat to its security.

The Israeli army has launched multiple air strikes against Iranian and pro-Iranian targets in Syria, while an American official said that the Israeli army has carried out an attack targeting the site of an Iraqi armed group in eastern Syria on June 17.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russia on Wednesday that Israel would not seek to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad but that Moscow, his key ally, should encourage Iranian forces to quit Syria, a senior Israeli official said.

Israel has been on high alert as Syrian government forces advance on rebels in the vicinity of the occupied Golan Heights.

Israel worries Assad could let his Iranian allies entrench near its lines or that Syrian forces may defy a 1974 Golan demilitarization.

Earlier this week, state media said air defense systems struck an Israeli warplane and shot down Israeli missiles targeting the T4 air base in Homs province. Israel neither confirmed nor denied carrying out that strike.

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