Syrian actress and face of Syria’s anti-Assad revolution dies in Paris

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Syrian activists on Monday announced the death of prominent Syrian actress, Mai Skaf, in Paris.

Skaf has been publicly opposing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as well as being one of the most notable anti-Assad individuals in the entertainment industry. She was arrested several times as a result since the beginning of protests against Assad, which she was a part of since 2011.

Social media users shared their sorrow and condolences, stating that the last post she shared on her Facebook page before her death was: “I will not lose hope, I will not lose hope. It is the great Syria, not Assad’s Syria.”

French authorities have not released a cause of death yet, or the results of their ongoing investigation into her sudden death.

Syrian musician Samih Chokueir stated that an autopsy of her body is still being carried out to find out the cause.

Chokeir said that Skaf’s house in Paris has been closed off with yellow tape, adding that she was in good health before her passing.

Skaf has a son who is 20 years of age who lived with her in Paris. Sources say that he is currently at Syrian actor Maxim Khalil’s house, which is also in Paris.

It was not yet announced if Skaf’s body would be buried in France or Syria.

Several social media users, Syrian actors and civilians have described the case as mysterious and strange. Pro-Assad media outlets have also picked up the news and begun a campaign smearing Skaf’s name according to sources.

Skaf was an avid anti-Assad activist and was arrested twice in 2011 and 2013. She was nicknamed as the ‘Revolution’s Icon’. After she was released from prison, she left Syria in 2013 and lived in France until she died.