US Counterterror Center: Europe must boycott Hezbollah as a whole

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The US National Counterterrorism Center considered the classification of Hezbollah’s military wing as a terrorist organization insufficient, stressing the need for European countries to boycott the entire party as well as extended financial and diplomatic sanctions.

The center which is affiliated to the US army called- in its report issued on August 10- upon the European Union to impose diplomatic isolation on Iran, after the arrest of Iranian diplomat Assadollah Assadi in Germany last month on charges of plotting to attack a gathering of opponents of the Tehran regime in Paris.


The center pointed to new warning issued by US officials to European countries that Iran was planning further terrorist activities in other parts of Europe.

The report also refers to the recent meeting of the Law Enforcement Coordination Group on Hezbollah activities, and which was held in Ecuador, calling on participating countries to develop a strong strategy to counter Hezbollah, based on close cooperation between Washington and Europe.

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