Abu Dhabi to remove 20 kmph buffer on speed limit

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The Abu Dhabi Police Department of Transport announced the removal of the 20 kilometer speed limit buffer on the roads to teach drivers the importance of road safety.

Before the rule was implemented, drivers were able to drive at 80 kmph on a 60 kmph road, however, now, driving only one kilometer over the new speed limit get the motorist a fine worth of Dh. 1,000 ($272.20).

Radars on all roads have been reset as per the new speed limits.

Bilal Khan, a private company driver, said: “What I understand is that 100kmph will go up to 120kmph and you can't exceed that limit by even 1km. No one would dare to do that fearing the fine. I just had Dh.1,000 fine last week. I don't want any more in near future.”

“I felt most motorists were sticking to speed limits and not pushing the limits of 20kmph extra. I could feel the slowness,” he added.

Abu Dhabi police ran awareness campaigns on social media platforms in different languages such as English and Tagalog, to inform people about their inquiries to why the removal of the 20 kmph speed buffer limit could be beneficial to them.

According to Colonel Jamal Al Ameri, executive director of Saaed Society and a traffic expert, “a lot of studies were carried out before taking the decision to implement this new system, and all the studies showed that removing the grace speed and having one speed limit would make the roads safer, and that is why the new system was put in place.”

“This new system is also part of a broader strategy of improving the overall road safety standards in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, and that includes building new infrastructure for roads, bridges and tunnels,” he added.

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