Details of last encounter between Baghdadi and jailed ISIS commander emerge

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Details concerning the audio recording released recently by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the terrorist organization, a year after his disappearance, have emerged from a jailed ISIS commander. The statement issued by Ismail al-Ithawi, Minister of Ifta and member of the Shura council of ISIS, revealed that al-Baghdadi is trying to bring together the remnants of the organization and regain the sympathy of the fugitive elements in the face of the divisions threatening ISIS.

The Mufti of the terrorist organization dismissed the idea that al-Baghdadi might have included some encrypted messages or specific instructions to the sleeping cells of the organization, in his recent audio.

This information was revealed in the coming new episode of “The death industry” which airs on Al Arabiya news channel program, where reporter Majid Hamid met with jailed Ismail al-Ithawi, who was captured in a joint operation coordinated between the Iraqi intelligence, the US-led International coalition and the Turkish security apparatus.

Ithawi provided new information on the health and psychological state of Baghdadi in the final stages before the fall of Syria’s Raqqa.

He said that he had met him for the last time in a deserted area near the city of Mayadeen. The meeting was limited to senior leaders and Ithawi noted at the time that al-Baghdadi was not wounded, contrary to what was rumored.

The ISIS commander added that Baghdadi was nevertheless in a deteriorating health condition, looking thin and took many medicines during the meeting, especially for diabetes and blood pressure.

Ithawi noted that Baghdadi’s beard seemed very white and he couldn’t decide whether it was a disguise or the result of nervous and physical pressure.

The jailed ISISI figure said that what was surprising to him, was al-Baghdadi asking him during this meeting, on the details of the plan to develop the educational curriculum in the schools run by ISIS, despite the military collapse of the terrorist group.

In the interview, Ithawi revealed other information regarding the close circle around al-Baghdadi and the potential candidate who might succeed him.

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