UN Security Council warns of ‘imminent disaster’ in Syria’s Idlib

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On Tuesday, UN Security Council members warned of an impending humanitarian crisis in Syria’s Idlib.

This comes amid reports of Syrian and Russian forces preparing to launch a military strike against Idlib, Syria’s last opposition stronghold.

Russia’s representative, one of the main supporting countries of the Bashar al-Assad regime, said that Moscow will strike “extremists in Idlib while being cautious with lives of civilians”.

The Russian delegate stated that: “We continue to work on returning refugees to Syria, and there is cooperation from neighboring countries.”

“Extremists in Syria may use chemical weapons; there are thousands of ISIS and al-Nusra elements in Idlib,” he added.

France’s representative said that the solution in Syria requires implementing the known terms of the political settlement, stressing that there are signs of a humanitarian disaster in Idlib and operations causing displacement have already begun.

He added that the Tehran meeting did not reaffirm any commitments from Iran and Russia to maintain peace, pointing out that if the military attack in Idlib takes places it will have catastrophic repercussions.

China’s representative also said that there was no alternative to a political settlement as a solution in Syria.

In turn, the delegate of Sweden called on the Security Council to act quickly to stop the escalation in Syria.

The representative of the Netherlands called on Russia and Iran to stop their preparations for an attack on Idlib, asking those in Astana to stop all violence in Syria, and warning of the dangers of rapid escalation in Syria.

But the representative of Kuwait said that the attacks against terrorists must respect laws that protect civilians, calling on the international community to act to prevent a humanitarian disaster in Idlib.

He considered that any military action in Idlib would have disastrous repercussions on civilians, and urged all parties in Syria to engage in dialogue to find a solution.

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