Sisi: We want Egypt to return to what it was before January 2011

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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi warned of attempts to achieve change by force and voiced hope to take the Egyptian state back to how it was before January 25, 2011.

“Change by force (means) opening the gates of hell. There was a phase in Egypt when all we cared about was returning to the situation we had before January 25, 2011,” Sisi said during a youth forum held in Sharm El Sheikh.

“Everyone wishes that the Egyptian state goes back to how it was before January 25, 2011,” he added.

Sisi also warned that Egypt was a “candidate for national suicide” noting that efforts during the past five years to restore stability and peace to the Egyptian state were unprecedented.

The president added that Egypt thwarted foreign countries’ attempts to interfere in its affairs.

“The careless activity – and I won’t say conspiracy – which Egypt witnessed during the past years opened the gates of hell on the country,” he said.

“Mobilizing the youths and the public opinion to change societies by force may get out of control and it may result in a huge vacuum that may (lead) local and foreign powers to interfere in the state’s affairs and topple institutions,” Sisi said.

Sisi also said that the financial, moral and political costs which countries that witness conflicts have endured have been much more than expected, adding that the economic reforms that are currently underway in Egypt are the largest in its modern history.

Sisi also slammed attempts to incite chaos saying they allowed terrorist groups that have been in Egypt for a while to use arms.

“Terrorist groups have the willingness to take over power using weapons,” he said, adding that the Egyptian experience in confronting terrorism and extremism confirms that building social peace shields the country from conflicts.

“Even if former rulers were not good, do not be fooled by slogans which lead to loss,” Sisi said and called on people to work and be patient so their countries “are not lost”.

“If you destroy your country, (you) will not restore it. Afghanistan has not been the same since 50 years, and millions have been killed in Syria and Iraq,” he added.

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