WATCH: Moment Pompeo was asked about differences between Saudi Arabia and Iran

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After accusing Iran of “destabilizing” behavior in Middle East, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, was asked about the difference between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Here is how Pompeo responded to the question: “Let me just go through the list. (Iran) underwriting Lebanese Hezbollah, which presents a threat to United States of America and Israel, underwriting the Houthis in Yemen, causing an enormous conflict to take place in that country, the efforts in Iraq to undermine the Iraqi government, funding the Shia militias that are not in the best interest of the Iraqi people, their efforts in Syria. The list goes on”.

Pompeo also said that the list in behavior between those two countries is remarkable. “Since we have taken office, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been very supportive of our efforts on counter-terrorism. They have assisted us. It is completely clear, the Islamic Republic of Iran is the destabilizing force in the Middle East today”, said Pompeo.

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