Palestinian Leader of Hezbollah-linked Ansar Allah leaves Lebanon to Syria

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The leader of Ansar Allah Jamal Suleiman left the Mieh Mieh Palestinian refugee camp in the Lebanese southern city of Sidon, with 20 of his supporters including his family, to Mezzeh area in Syria.

Lebanon official news agency reported that Jamal Suleiman, General Secretary of Hezbollah-linked Ansar Allah left to Syria as part of a deal with the Palestinian Fatah Movement following violent clashes between the two Palestinian groups last month, leading to the death of four persons and wounding 30 others including huge damages in properties.


Palestinian sources revealed that Suleiman and around 20 others left late last night to unknown destination, while the faction’s head quarter was handed over to Suleiman deputy Maher Oweid, while the next step is to withdraw all Fatah Movement militants from the camp’s streets to pave the way for the return of displaced civilians who fled the area in the latest flare of violence.

The sources said that the exit process came as a result of a lengthy security meeting that was held overnight, overseen by senior Hezbollah official Wafiq Safa, according to local Lebanese media.

Eye witnesses said that Suleiman “burnt personal documents in his security zone few hours before he left.”

It is noteworthy that the Fatah Movement and the forces of “Palestinian national security” engaged in violent clashes about two weeks ago with Suleiman in the Mieh Mieh camp, which led him to retreat in his security zone, opening the door to negotiations for his exit from the camp after the tension.

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