Sudan’s Bashir: Traitors took advantage of protests to vandalize

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Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said on Tuesday that “some traitors, infiltrators and agents have exploited the living hardship and conditions to vandalize” and that “mercenaries are working to sabotage in service of the enemies of Sudan”.

His statements come a day after he vowed to carry out broad economic reforms amid days of protests that have gripped the country.

Riot police deployed heavily around Sudan’s capital Tuesday as protesters threatened to march on Bashir’s palace to call for his resignation following days of deadly demonstrations.

Sudan is mired in economic difficulties including an acute foreign currency shortage and soaring inflation.

The crisis has worsened despite the lifting of an economic embargo by the United States last October.

Inflation is running at close to 70 percent and the Sudanese pound has plunged in value, while shortages have been reported across several cities including Khartoum.

Bashir’s party is pushing for him to stand again in 2020 elections, a move that would violate constitutional term limits.

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