Khomeini grandson warns: No guarantees Iranian regime will survive

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Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the Iranian regime, stressed that the satisfaction of the people is the foundation of any society, warning Iranian officials to observe the principles of human behavior, and stressing that otherwise "there’s no guarantees for them (Iranian officials) to stay in power."

Hassan added that in the absence of adherence to the rules, the Iranian regime will lose the support of the people.

According to the semi-official ISNA news agency, Hassan Khomeini said in a speech on Saturday in the Iranian capital Tehran: “The foundations of human behavior and reasons for survival and fall must be understood in order to take them into account. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that we will stay, and others will leave, if you do not observe the rules, they will take the arena from you.”

“If you only see the formalities of society rather than the foundations of social relations and the core problems, be aware that these will bring unpleasant consequences for governments,” said Hassan.

He stressed the need to win the support of the people, noting that “communities are built on the basis of consensus. Dividing society constantly and spreading hatred and hypocrisy constantly, forces individuals into dual personality, pushing them away from honesty, all these indicate that unpleasant consequences await governments.”

Emphasizing the need to appease the public, he pointed out that lack of interest or development of talents is another reason for the collapse of governments.

He ended his speech by warning those in power, saying: “We have to fear the day that positions are collapse and roles change,” referring to the risk of a regime fall.

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