Sudanese protests continue despite president’s ban

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Sudanese protesters are marching toward courthouses in different cities across the country, including in the capital Khartoum.

It’s the latest in two-and-a-half months of protests that call for the overthrow of autocratic President Omar al-Bashir.

Sunday’s marches were called for by the Sudanese Professionals Association, an umbrella group of independent professional unions that has been spearheading the protests.

Al-Bashir has banned unauthorized public gatherings and granted sweeping powers to the police after imposing a state of emergency last month.

But the measure failed to deter protesters who have kept demonstrating.

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The current wave of unrest erupted in December, initially over rising prices and shortages but quickly turned to calls for the ouster of al-Bashir, who seized power in a 1989 coup.

A heavy security crackdown has killed scores.