Iraq's judiciary to prosecute French ISIS fighters, says the Iraqi President

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Iraq will prosecute captured French fighters because they are accused of committing crimes on Iraqi territories, according to Iraqi President Barham Saleh.

The decision to prosecute the French citizens has been discussed with French President Emmanuel Macron, Saleh said during an exclusive interview with Al Hadath television channel.

He added that 13 French fighters have been arrested so far.

Saleh also voiced hope that Iraq will receive both regional and international support to resolve the refugees’ problems.

The president noted that Iraq has taken the lead in fighting terrorism on behalf of the world, adding that victory against ISIS was not easy and required Iraqis to join together to ensure defeating ISIS, adding that this victory was Iraqi “par excellence.”

Saleh also said that there is ongoing cooperation between Iraq and Syria regarding military and security matters since terrorists threaten both countries, noting that some remaining ISIS members are to be found near the Syrian border.

As for finalizing the government, Saleh said the delay was linked to internal political disputes.

“We will finalize the formation of the cabinet as soon as the legislative session kicks off,” he said.