Palestinian’s death in Turkish prison due to injuries from torture: Family

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The Palestinian who died during detention in Turkey succumbed to injuries from torture, the man’s brother claimed, citing a Turkish medical report.

The coroner report from Istanbul’s forensic office, which Al Arabiya English has seen, said Zaki Mubarak’s death was due to injuries. The report also stated the time of death at 10:15 local time on Apr. 28 but did not specify the location of the injuries on the body.

Mubarak’s body arrived at Cairo International Airport on Monday. According to family members, an independent autopsy on his body was performed in Egypt.

“I have the report of the Turkish government, which proves Zaki Mubarak did not commit suicide and that his death was a result of injuries from torture,” Mubarak’s brother Zain said.

Last month, Turkey said that Mubarak, one of the two Palestinian men arrested on alleged espionage charges in April, died while in custody and called his death a suicide.

Mubarak’s family said they were skeptical of the suicide claims and called for an investigation into the matter.

After more than two weeks since his death, Mubarak’s brother, several family members and a representative from the Palestinian embassy in Egypt received his body in Cairo.

His family said that they plan to transfer the body from Cairo to Gaza for burial.

Mubarak’s brother said that the death certificate from Turkey did not mention the cause of death, but confirmed injuries and wound marks on the body.