Iran government advisor warns of ‘unavoidable war’ if sanctions not ‘abandoned’

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An Iranian government advisor has warned that if US President Donald Trump does not “abandon” sanctions against Iran, the world will be driven into an “unavoidable war.”

“If American people really don’t want to go to war with Iran, the US president should abandon the current course of policy in regard to sanctioning Iran. Otherwise, rising tensions automatically will drive us to an unavoidable war, sooner or later,” tweeted Diako Hosseini, a senior analyst at Tehran’s Centre for Strategic Studies (CSS), on Friday.

Hosseini describes himself as “The Director of the World Studies Program at the Center for Strategic Studies (CSS)” on his Twitter account. CSS is a think-tank responsible for advising the Rouhani administration in Iran on foreign policy as well as internal affairs.

In April 2019, Hosseini told the semi-official ISNA news agency that the US designating the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organisation is an attempt to change Iran’s policies in the region but in reality it “causes political groups in Iran to unite.”

Hosseini told the semi-official Tasnim News Agency on Thursday that “as long as America’s economic war against Iran continues, Iran does not give any guarantees that the tools it will use to counter this economic war will be merely economic tools.”

“If Iran’s survival becomes in danger in this [economic] war, Iran will use all the available tools to defend itself. It is not our problem if that is a cause for concern for other countries. If they are worried, they should push America to put an end to the economic war against Iran,” he added.

Hosseini also warned on Twitter that if there were to be a war, the UAE and Bahrain would be the biggest losers. “The biggest losers would be the mini-states in the [Arabian] Gulf, like [the] Emirate[s] and Bahrain. They will lose their existence or at least their major assets in such a war,” he tweeted on Friday, in response to a tweet about the possibility of a war.

In another tweet on Friday replying to the Emirati Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash, Hosseini warned that in the event of a war, “the UAE will be wiped out from the map.”

“In the first place, de-escalation should be your top priority, not Iran’s,” he said. “If a war happens, all in the region and beyond will suffer to varying extents, but the #UAE will be wiped out from the map. The wise action on your behalf is to be cautious about what you wish for.”

In December 2013, Hosseini wrote an article in Persian published in Iranian news outlet Khabar Online and linked on his LinkedIn page, entitled “Why it is not a good idea to détente with Saudi Arabia.” Hosseini wrote that those in Iran who argue for better relations with Saudi Arabia present “false” arguments that “lead Iran’s foreign policy in the wrong direction.”

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