Former IRGC chief: Iran will try Trump one day

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Iran will one day put US President Donald Trump on trial, a senior Iranian official said Tuesday, adding that Iran is not “convinced” by the dismissal of former US National Security adviser John Bolton.

“We are not convinced by the dismissal of Bolton, and there will be a day where we will try Trump,” the semi-official Mehr news agency quoted the Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Discernment Council and former chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Mohsen Rezaei as saying.

Rezaei did not say what President Trump would be tried for.

President Trump said on September 10 he fired Bolton from the position of national security adviser because he “disagreed strongly” with many of Bolton’s suggestions.

This year is a “decisive” year for Iran, according to Rezaei, who added that the US is currently “besieged” by Iran’s “revolutionary forces” in the region.

Rezaei expressed his opposition to any talks between Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Trump, saying that Trump would misuse any Rouhani-Trump photo-op and that would be a “betrayal to our resistance and revolution.”

Rezaei said that he is happy that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has ruled out any talks with the US.

Khamenei on Tuesday ruled out any talks with the US.

“Not at New York and not at any other place,” Khamenei said, unless the US returns to the JCPOA nuclear deal.