Injuries reported amid clashes between protesters, Iraqi forces in Baghdad

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Iraqi protesters defiantly turned out on Tuesday in the capital Baghdad, amid reports of injuries following clashes with security forces who used live bullets and tear gas, according to an Al Arabiya correspondent.

A security source said that some protesters suffered injuries from gunfire and suffocation from tear gas near al-Wathba square and al-Ahrar bridge in Baghdad.

The Protest in Baghdad came in response to a call for Iraqis to head to the capital on Victory Day.

Images had been circulated on social media calling on Iraqis from across the country to gather in Baghdad on December 10, which is a public holiday commemorating the Iraqi government’s victory over ISIS.

Protesters from several cities in the south on Tuesday joined thousands of demonstrators gathered for more than two months in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square, which is the epicenter of the demonstrations in the capital.

“We came to support our brothers in Baghdad,” said an activist in the movement from Nassiriya, Haydar Kazem.

Since October 1, Iraq’s capital and its Shia-majority south have been gripped by rallies against corruption, poor public services, a lack of jobs and Iran’s perceived political interference.

More than 450 people have been killed and more than 20,000 wounded during the unprecedented protest movement demanding an overhaul of the political system.

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