US Middle East peace plan prompts praise, reaction across the world

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US President Donald Trump on Tuesday proposed the creation of a Palestinian state with a capital on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

Below are some of the reactions to the US plan for ending decades of conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.


Britain on Tuesday gave a cautious welcome to US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan, as he unveiled his proposal with visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington.

Downing Street said Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to Trump earlier.

“The leaders discussed the United States’ proposal for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, which could prove a positive step forwards,” a spokesman said.

US Senator Ted Cruz:

“Today’s plan marks another important step by the Trump administration to undo the sad legacy of the Obama administration, specifically by rendering United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 null and void, and in doing so advances the cause of peace in the Middle East,” Senator Ted Cruz said in a statement.

“UNSCR 2234 shamefully denied Israel’s sovereignty over its territories, including the Jewish Quarter and Old City of Jerusalem, and called on all U.N. states to do the same. This plan represents a clear statement that the United States does not recognize the legitimacy of that resolution. This follows the Trump Administration’s recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, moving our embassy to Jerusalem, and establishing that we do not believe Israeli communities beyond the 1967 lines violate international law,” Cruz added.

“To have the public support of both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his political rival Benny Gantz is significant, as are the early signs of support from the Arab world. Hopefully, the Palestinian Authority will come to the table and try to secure a lasting peace. By standing with our Israeli allies in this way, the Trump administration has also done much to advance the cause of peace. There is a virtue to clarity and to standing unshakably with our friends, which in turn will push our allies in the region closer together economically and diplomatically,” Cruz said.


The UAE said it believes that the Palestinians and Israelis can achieve lasting peace and genuine coexistence with the support of the international community, according to a statement by UAE Ambassador to Washington Yousef al-Otaiba on Twitter.

“The only way to guarantee a lasting solution is to reach an agreement between all concerned parties. The UAE believes that Palestinians and Israelis can achieve lasting peace and genuine coexistence with the support of the international community,” the ambassador said.


Egypt called on Tuesday on Palestinians and Israelis to carefully consider a peace plan announced by US President Donald Trump, with a view to resuming negotiations.

"Egypt calls on the two relevant parties to undertake a careful and thorough consideration of the US vision to achieve peace and open channels of dialogue, under US auspices, for the resumption of negotiations," a statement from the foreign ministry said.

European Union

The European Union's top diplomat said Tuesday that the bloc remains "firm and united" behind the quest for a negotiated two-state peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

High representative Josep Borrell was speaking after President Donald Trump unveiled a "last opportunity" for the Palestinians to sign up to a plan drawn up by US officials.

"The European Union will study and assess the proposals put forward," Borrell said.

But he added: "This will be done on the basis of the EU's established position and its firm and united commitment to a negotiated and viable two-state solution that takes into account the legitimate aspirations of both the Palestinians and the Israelis, respecting all relevant UN resolutions and internationally agreed parameters."