Iran may set up field hospitals in Qom as facilities hit max capacity

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Iran may resort to setting up field hospitals in Qom as hospitals have hit maximum capacity due to the coronavirus outbreak in the city, the deputy head of Qom’s medical university said on Thursday.

The coronavirus death toll in Iran has risen to 34 and the total number of confirmed cases to 388, according to the latest official statistics.

Two hospitals in Qom – Kamkar, and Farghani – have reached their maximum capacity, said Ali Abrazeh, adding: “If this disease reaches its peak in Qom, we will prepare a field hospital.”

The army, as well as the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), will also set up field hospitals in Qom if necessary, said Abrazeh.

He urged citizens to self-quarantine, saying: “People should self-quarantine for one to two months.”

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