Video: Man attacks woman in Iran for being a ‘bad hijab’

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A video showing a man attacking a woman in Iran has gone viral and sparked outrage on social media.

The woman was attacked for being a “bad hijab,” according to some social media users.

“Bad hijab” is a term used by Iranian authorities to refer to women who are not properly veiled in their view. These are often women who leave part of their hair uncovered.

“Bad hijab” women in Iran are often harassed and targeted by Iran’s morality police known as “Gasht-e Ershad,” Basij members, and even at times regular people who support and share the values of the Islamic Republic.

In the video, a bearded man follows and attacks a woman he came across on the sidewalk after stepping out of a vehicle.

The woman then fights off the man.

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“In broad daylight in Iran, a woman walking in the street is physically harassed by a pro-regime vigilante due to her hijab,” Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejad tweeted.

“Next time they tell you compulsory hijab is a small issue, show them this video … many Iranian women face this,” Alinejad added.

Some Iranian users online claimed to have identified the attacker and shared personal details of his, including his name, city of residence, home address and the registration plate of the vehicle he stepped out of at the start of the video.

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