Coronavirus patient visited by Islamic medicine cleric in Iran dies: Report

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An Iranian coronavirus patient who was given a perfume to smell by a cleric as a cure for the virus has died, local media reported on Monday.

Videos of a cleric giving coronavirus patients at a hospital in northern Iran a perfume to smell as a cure for the virus went viral on social media.

The cleric was seen rubbing the perfume above two patients’ upper lip and telling them to smell it in one video.

Mohsen Sharifi, one of several coronavirus patients visited by the cleric, died on Monday.

The cleric has been identified and an arrest warrant has been issued for him, the official IRNA news agency said.

The cleric is a follower of what is known as “Islamic medicine” in Iran.

“Islamic medicine” relies on the sayings of the Shia Imams to treat patients and often dismisses modern medicine.

“Smell that, it is from the prophet,” the cleric was seen telling a patient lying in bed in one video.

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Three Iranian medical doctors were sentenced to flogging last month on charges of “insulting” Abbas Tabrizian, a cleric who is considered the “father of Islamic medicine” by his followers in Iran.

As of Monday, 1,812 in Iran have died from coronavirus, and there are 23,049 confirmed cases.