Qatari sociologist blames Beirut explosion on blasphemy, plastic surgery, homosexuals

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A Qatari sociologist said the Beirut explosion that killed 163 people and injured over 6,000 was “divine punishment” for the Lebanese people’s blasphemy and apparently widespread cursing of God, according to a video that recently surfaced online.

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“You curse God, you curse religion, but you want God to bless you?” sociologist Abd al-Aziz Khazraj al-Ansari said in the video. “This swearing is probably the main reason for all the suffering you’re in. Cursing God is as common as drinking water.”

He also compared Americans, Brits and French with Lebanese people, saying Westerners use common curse words but don’t blaspheme as much as the Lebanese.

“They swear at one’s mother and what not, and when it’s huge they say, ‘God d**n it.’ But if you go to Lebanon, [they say] ‘d**n your religion, d**n your God,’” al-Ansari said.

He also linked the Beirut explosion to plastic surgery and homosexuality, claiming that Lebanon is “famous for changing God’s creation.”

“You want lip injections? Go to Lebanon. You want breast implants? [You want] to change God’s creation? Your face? Go to Lebanon,” al-Ansari said.

“Lebanon is also famous for [homosexual] activities and the abundance of homosexuals,” he added.

Al-Ansari then urged people to go out and “cut the tongue” of anyone in Lebanon who curses God in order for their situations to improve.

“The people of Lebanon must now cut the tongue of each person who curses God in the streets,” he said. “You want your situation to improve? Start with this work and see how God will change your situation from bad to the better.”


Al-Ansari has attracted public attention in recent years for publishing videos such as demonstrating the “correct” way to beat wives in Islam and mocking the Western world on Women’s Day.

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