Lebanon’s deputy Speaker sees signs of breakthrough in cabinet standoff

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There are promising possibilities that could help end a deadlock over forming Lebanon’s new cabinet, the deputy parliament speaker said on Wednesday after France backed a proposal to resolve the crisis.

“There are promising possibilities that can be built on, but we have to wait a bit,” Deputy Parliament Speaker Elie Ferzli said in televised comments.

He was also quoted by Lebanese broadcaster MTV as saying that Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, a Shia Muslim whose demand to choose the finance minister have been at the center of the standoff, was “no longer pessimistic.”

On Mondays President Michel Aoun said that the country is going “to hell” if a government is not formed.

Aoun also said that Lebanon faced a crisis over forming a government and proposed annulling sectarian quotas in the main Cabinet ministries that routinely cause squabbles during the Cabinet formation process and can make the process take months.

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