UAE Pro League, Israeli Football League sign MoU

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The UAE Pro League signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Israeli Professional Football League, that will see the two sides cooperate to further develop the success of the sport in both countries.

The historic agreement - the first of its kind in the Middle East - is a step towards laying the foundations for cooperation and securing a joint mechanism to achieve practical steps aimed at developing all matters related to football, the UAE Pro League said in a statement.

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The terms of the MoU include holding joint workshops to discuss ways to develop the marketing and promotional side of the competitions, in addition to keeping pace with everything related to sports and football development technology, as well as developing the technical aspect in the football sector.

A signing ceremony was held on Monday morning, October 26th, via web video conferencing and was attended by Abdulla Naser Al Junaibi, Chairman of the UAE Pro League, and Erez Halfon, Chairman of the Israeli Professional Football League.

In this regard, Abdulla Naser Al Junaibi, Chairman of the UAE Pro League said, "Football has always been the most important and fast path to bring people together. These are the cooperation pillars we aim at through this agreement, through which we hope to achieve gains for both parties.

"We look forward to the contribution that this agreement would bring to establishing bilateral workshops to share experiences, research, and technology in football and the development of administrative and technical work. We also aim to organise joint activities between the two leagues and to assure cooperation to reinforce the economic - commercial – technological and technical sides between the two leagues."

He added, "Over the decades, the UAE has proven to be a homeland of tolerance and a melting pot of the world's peoples. This Memorandum of Understanding will contribute towards the promotion of peace and strengthen cooperation and friendship in a way that serves the interest of football in both countries."

In turn, Erez Halfon, Chairman of the Israeli Professional Football League said, "Football is the most popular sport not only in the world, but also in both Israel and the United Arab Emirates; The passion for football transcends religions, nations and races, and we have the ability to use it as a tool to build relationships and break down walls between people, of all genders, and of all races.

"I am proud and excited to take part in this event where we sign an agreement that will form a bridge between Israeli football and football in the UAE."

He added, "It shall not only be a bridge between football clubs, but shall also be a platform for a series of initiatives - business, technologies and above all - will be a bridge for the development of social and cultural ties between people from both sides."

"The teams of the two organisations have been working for some time on plans for future collaborations in the fields of football promotion, sports technologies and social and commercial collaborations alike and it seems that there's more that unites us than divides us. We thank you and your team at the UAE Pro League for the friendship and cooperation and are sure that together its fruits will be seen soon. At the same time, we hope that soon we will have the opportunity to continue to forge collaborations in the field of football with our other neighbours as well."

The UAE Pro League was founded in 2008 and joined the World Leagues Forum in 2019, which had a major role in strengthening relations between the UAE and Israeli leagues.

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