Killing of Soleimani shows what a real red line looks like: Pompeo at Manama Dialogue

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Mike Pompeo discussed regional issues in the Middle East during an opening address at the IISS Manama Dialogue on Friday evening.

Pompeo discussed regional issues in the region, including but not limited to the Iranian nuclear deal, Abraham accords, Saudi-Qatari relations, and China's growing influence in the area.

Pompeo said the US had killed Qassem Soleimani to show Iran the red line. Pompeo added that the maximum pressure campaign has isolated Iran diplomatically, militarily, and economically with the help of Gulf allies.

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Pompeo considered that the signing of the Abraham Accords at the White House in September would not have been possible without the full pressure campaign against Iran.

"We are hopeful that the dispute between Saudi and Qatar will be resolved. Every country has a history and a tradition that drives its domestic politics and how it interacts with nations," he added.

"The Iranian regime is terrorizing its people and promoting terrorism around the world. Iran has reached a rate of 20% enrichment, which means a violation of the nuclear agreement. Iran'sIran's support for the Assad regime has deserted many of the Syrian people. Iran should act like a normal country away from its malignant behavior," Pompeo added.

Pompeo emphasized that the US stands with Iraqi Prime Minister al-Kahdimi in his campaign against the Iranian-backed militias and the Lebanese people who reject Hezbollah'sHezbollah's corrupt rule.

Pompeo added that the US is fully committed to the sovereignty and independence of Iraq.

"We know our campaign is working because now the Iranians are desperately signaling their willingness to return to the negotiating table to get sanctions relief," he added.

Pompeo addressed those who call for appeasement with Iran and the upcoming Biden administration by asking them to show wisdom regarding Tehran'sTehran's behavior.

"[Bahrain] agreed to combat all forms of antisemitism, including anti-Zionism and the delegitimization of the State of Israel. The descendants of Ismael are standing with the descendants of Isaac," added Pompeo.

"We do not want ISIS to return to Iraq or Iran'sIran's domination of it either; we want to have a balanced military presence in Iraq," he added.

"The Chinese Communist Party never wanted to behave like a normal regime because as its core, it's not one. Like Iran, the party is a revolutionary relic,"

Pompeo has seriously warned Middle Eastern countries about allowing China's access to areas such as telecommunication.

"Our deep commercial ties have blinded us to China's malign activities," Pompeo added.

"The World Health Organization has failed miserably in every country represented by today's audience in IISS Manama Dialogue 2020. It has become a political tool, not a scientific platform," Pompeo added.

Pompeo's closing message focused on not letting the Chinese Communist Party treat Middle Eastern countries like a vassal state.

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