Project Watan’s coordinator says Lebanon is facing a sectarian militia occupation

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Lebanon is facing a cancerous sectarian militia occupation of all sects, the public affairs coordinator of Lebanon’s newly launched political movement Project Watan said on Sunday.

“The cancerous occupation spread corruption in the body of the nation, destroyed its facilities, plundered its wealth, polluted its environment, imprisoned its culture and freedoms, blocked its future prospects, abandoned its family and assassinated its dreams every day,” Hasan al-Husseini said during the launch of the project.

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Resigned MP Neemat Frem, launched “Project Watan” during a press conference held at the Louaize Notre Dame University in the presence of the founders of the project with its executive, research, and administrative bodies. The project is a national political movement that aims to build the republic of man, freedom, mission, message, and sovereignty in Lebanon.

Lebanon is currently experiencing an unprecedented economic crisis caused by decades of corruption and mismanagement due to Lebanon’s sectarian system and political instability. The crisis was exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and by a massive explosion at the Port of Beirut last August, which left 300,000 displaced, over 2,000 injured, and at least 200 dead.

Lebanon’s opposition and alternative political parties are preparing to participate in next year’s parliamentary election to minimize the current political elite’s grab on the system.

“The occupation and its evil sectarian weapon did not distinguish between the Lebanese when it robbed the people of their lives and when it exercised its oppression against all the free people in the arenas of the revolution of truth and dignity,” al-Husseini added.

Al-Husseini added that occupation also did not distinguish between the Lebanese when it assassinated their lives and the lives of their children, destroyed their property, and abandoned after the brutal explosion.

“The occupation did not distinguish between the Lebanese in humiliating them in their livelihood, health, and livelihood through rows of begging, oppression, and slow death. An occupation that does not distinguish between Lebanese when it increases deprivation in the deprived areas and only remembers it during the season of electoral votes,” al-Husseini added.

He also said that the occupation does not distinguish between the Lebanese when it destroys their culture and displaces their human capabilities and creativity.

“This is an occupation that does not distinguish between the Lebanese in the world of alienation when it assassinates their dreams of returning to their homeland and deprives them of the honor and duty to participate in the construction and development of the nation.”

The movement’s public affairs coordinator called on the Lebanese to be free and be loyal to Lebanon’s message.

“Let us be resistant as our ancestors were, so we will be one hand in the battle to liberate Lebanon,” al-Husseini said.

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