N. Korea, Iran supported in building Hezbollah’s 45 kilometer tunnel: Report

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Hezbollah has built a 45 kilometer underground tunnel linking Lebanon’s south with inland Beqaa valley under a $13 million deal with a North Korean company specializing in the development of underground infrastructures and with the supervision of an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps officer, according to a report released by Alma research center.

The report revealed that Hezbollah has constructed a 45-kilometer tunnel linking the area east to the coastal city of Saida with the southern mountainous regions of Jezzine and Rihan and the inland Beqaa valley.

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The 45 kilometer tunnel links the villages of Jensnaya, Wadi el Leymoun, Snaya, Zhalta, al-Roummaneh, Jabal Toura, Louaizeh, Sejoud, al-Zaghrine, Aaichiyeh, al-Qotrani, al-Sriri, Meidoun, and Machghara.

“The ‘Land of the Tunnels’ was built with the assistance of a North Korean company specializing in the development of underground infrastructures, called the ‘Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation’ also known as KOMID,” the report added.

The report added that the actual construction was carried out by Hezbollah’s Jihad Construction Foundation which is in fact a branch of the Iranian Jihad Construction which was founded in 1988.

“The Jihad Construction Foundation used civilian companies to serve as cover for the construction of the ‘Land of the Tunnels’. One of the companies suspected of involvement in the construction and civilian cover-up is the ‘Bekaa Building and Contracting Company’, formerly known as the ‘Iranian Authority for the Reconstruction of Lebanon’,” the report added.

The report also revealed that the tunnels allow the maneuvering of forces from place to place for the purpose of reinforcing defense positions or for carrying out an attack in a safe, protected, and invisible manner. In our assessment, motorcycles, ATVs and other small vehicles can also be transported through some of the tunnels.

In 2004, a Japanese journalist named Takashi Arimoto reported on a meeting between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and senior North Korean officials, during which he sought North Korean assistance for Hezbollah in the planning and construction of underground military installations, bunkers and tunnels.

According to additional information that the research has found, the North Korean company KOMID signed a $13 million deal with Hezbollah for the supply of engineering materials for excavating tunnels, and in addition, for the transfer of North Korean engineering technology to Hezbollah’s “Jihad Construction Foundation”.

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