Iraqi Federal Police accused of torturing man, releasing him with no charges: Reports

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A young Iraqi man named Hassan Muhammad Aswad was arrested and tortured by the Iraqi Federal Police Intelligence before being released without any charges, local media in Iraq reported on Thursday.

Viral videos on social media show the results of Aswad having been tortured and electrocuted, resulting in severe injuries to the point where he had to have his hands amputated.

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The father of the young man, Hassan Muhammad Aswad, appealed to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to follow up on the case of his son who was arrested without justification.

Warning: Graphic video below

The father of the young man said during an interview with Tigris TV that his son was born in 1993 and works as a guard in a company in the industrial district of Kirkuk.

“He was arrested in June 2021, and the judge allowed me to see him for a short time, after 20 days, nothing happened, and we were not allowed to see him again,” the father added.

The father also said that relatives informed him that they saw the young man in a deplorable condition in a hospital and that he could not even drink water due to the severity of his injuries as a result of the torture.

The father appealed to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, to look into what his son was subjected to and seek justice.

Organizations condemn the torture tactics

The organization “Ending Impunity in Iraq” condemned the torture of the young man.

The organization said in a statement that it condemns the crime of brutal torture to which Aswad was subjected to at the hands of security forces affiliated with the Iraqi Ministry of Interior in one of the detention centers.

“This crime comes to be added to a wide range of similar crimes of torture carried out by the Iraqi Ministry of Interior agencies inside detention centers to get fabricated confessions from the accused under torture. The defendants died as a result of torture in other cases,” the statement added.

The statement also “reminded” the Iraqi government of its obligations to respect the constitution, implement the law, punish the perpetrators, compensate the victims monetarily and morally, quickly bear the costs of their treatment in full, and put an end to the violations of the Ministry of Interior and its loose security services.

“The steady increase in the size and quality of gross human rights violations in Iraq and by the official security agencies in charge of protecting society and law enforcement indicates a deep imbalance suffered by the Iraqi security institutions at the levels of management, oversight, and training, not to mention the outbreak of the security overlap crisis between the work of official and semi-official agencies, including partisan militias and security groups, are not subject to the law of the work of institutions, and they are among the main things that stand behind the consolidation of the phenomenon of impunity in Iraq,” the statement added.

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