Lebanon is the world’s angriest country, followed by Turkey, Armenia: Data

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Lebanon, Turkey, and Armenia are among the angriest countries in the world, according to the latest data collected by US company Gallup from end of 2021 though mid 2022.

With people having to deal with the endemic corruption and an economic meltdown brought on by the ruling elite, the devastating Beirut Port blast in 2020, and the COVID-19 pandemic, Lebanon has been rated the angriest country in the world.

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After analyzing emotions (including anger) in over 100 countries, Gallup’s Global Emotions Report found that 49 percent of people who were surveyed in Lebanon experienced anger regularly, including on the day before they took part in the survey.

Turkey was ranked second (48 percent), where high levels of anger were also measured due to high inflation which also worsened after the war in Ukraine, which began earlier this year on February 24.

Armenia came in third place with an anger rate of 46 percent due to its political tensions with neighboring Azerbaijan over the disputed Nagorno Karabakh territory.

Iraq (46 percent) and Afghanistan (41 percent) came in fourth and fifth in the anger index due to socio-economic issues brought on by years of war.

Jordan was ranked the sixth angriest country, with a registered anger rate of 35 percent.

The only two countries outside the Middle East and Far East to make it on the list, Mali and Sierra Leone both had anger rates of 35 percent, coming in seventh and eighth angriest.

Infographic: The World's Angriest Countries | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

On a separate list measuring the level of sadness, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Turkey ranked in the top three saddest countries, followed by Guinea and India respectively.

Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Turkey also experienced the most stress, followed by Ecuador and Jordan.

Conversely, the countries that experienced the most enjoyment regularly were Iceland, Paraguay, Denmark, Ireland, and Cambodia respectively, while the bottom five in this category were Lebanon, Afghanistan, Turkey, Egypt and Sierra Leone.

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