Libya’s army claims control over Al-Jufra central region

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Sources told Al Arabiya News Channel on Saturday that the Libyan National Army has claimed controlled completely over Al-Jufra central region.

The media office for the Libyan National Army’s Brigade 12 also confirmed that Al Jufra Air Base has been recaptured. The media office said the army is now in control of the base after facing no resistance from “terrorists.”

Earlier, the Libyan Army has warned civilians at Al-Jufra region to stay away from militant areas or hideouts.

Recapturing Al-Jufra comes after Libya’s “Dignity Operation” alongside Egypt conducted up to 10 airstrikes in Al-Jufra Thursday night, the local Libyan Observer reported.

Meanwhile, spokesperson of the Libyan National Army’s “Dignity Operation” Ahmed Al-Mismari said Friday that the army leadership has no political ambitions but aims to uproot “terrorism” from the region.

Mismari, who said that after having taken control of the Jufra airbase, the army would advance on to the town of Bani Walid and westwards.

He added that Egyptian air strikes on the eastern town of Derna had also been in coordination with the army.

“We confirm the presence of two Egyptian terror chiefs inside Derna and they are Hashim Ashmawi, a former officer dismissed by the Egyptian Armed Forces who is preparing an army named the “Free Egyptian Army”; in military bases close to Derna, and Mohammed Suroor, commander of the “Migrants Battalion,” he said.

On 28 May, the Libyan Air Forces affiliated with the Libyan Army said that Egyptian and Libyan air forces had expanded their operations in Libya, launching raids that targeted “terrorist groups” in the Al-Jufra region.

The Egyptian army launched a number of air strikes on what it said were militant targets in Derna in response to an attack on Coptic Christians in southern Egypt in which 29 people were killed.