Libyan army provides documentary proof of Qatar’s crimes in country

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The Libyan army leadership presented video and audio evidence and documents confirming Qatar's official involvement in supporting terrorist groups since 2011 and financing the armed operations in the country aimed at destabilizing the country and sabotaging the democratic process.

Libyan army spokesman Colonel Ahmed al-Mesmari revealed in a press conference about the array of evidence detailing Qatar's crimes in Libya, stressing that it has played a dirty role since the revolution that toppled the Muammar Gaddafi regime.

The documents reveal the involvement of Qatari officials in increasing the divisions within Libya through the spread of Qatari military forces on Libyan territory and the attempt to control several areas, most notably Mu'tika and Misurata.

In addition, the country was flooded with billions of dollars to corrupt Libyan society by exploiting the economic conditions of some its citizens. The funds were also used to support former prisoners in Libya to become leaders.

Among the Qatari officials involved were Mohammed Hamad al-Hajri, acting charge of affaires at the Qatari embassy in Libya, and Qatari intelligence General Salim Ali al-Jarboui, who served as Qatar's military attache in North Africa.

Jarboui supported Al Qaeda, ISIS and the Muslims Brotherhood financially, where he transferred $8 billion from the Qatari Tunisian National Bank to the Housing Bank of Tataouine Governorate in southern Tunisia, to be sent later to Libya to support terrorist groups.

Videos revealed Qatar’s support for a number of militants till they took up leadership positions, including Mahdi al-Harati, who is now the dean of the Tripoli municipality, after leading an extremist group in Syria.

Qatar also sent 8,000 fighters from Libya to Syria before getting them back to Libya. They were transported by Qatari airplanes and brought several terrorists from abroad to Libya, including Anis al-Houti, who was fighting with Mokhtar Belmokhtar in Algeria against the Algerian government.

Qatar was supporting a series of assassinations of senior generals, officers and policemen. by Abdel Fattah Younis, the chief of staff of the Libyan army during the revolution, was high on the list of those who were killed. In addition, an attempt was made to assassinate the current army commander, General Khalifa Hafter at the former headquarters in the Abyar area, east of Benghazi.

Documents and videos showed that Hamas leaders trained the extremist elements in Libya in techniques for bombings and triggering explosions. Qatari planning was behind all the bombings carried out in Libya. The Khan Yunis brigade provided technical assistance to the terrorists on Libyan territory.

Benghazi was the scene of a major crime, when Qatar’s planes landed on Libyan territory at Benina International Airport to provide terrorists with advanced weapons, specifically to what is known as the The Revolutionary Council of Benghazi.

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