Shocking video shows children in Libya mimicking group executions

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A video posted on social media has gone viral after it showed children in Benghazi, Libya, mimicking group executions.

The children are all under the age of nine.

In the video a young boy can be seen taking on the role of Libyan army leader Mahmoud Ourfali, whom recently executed a group killing of ISIS militant prisoners, and held a toy gun in his hand.

Six other children sat in a row with their hands behind their heads, posing as prisoners.

Each of them played their role: the leader pulling the trigger of the toy gun, while the prisoners fell flat to their “death.”

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Before commencing the “execution”, the boy uttered the following words: “We must kill those dogs and tyrants.”

Innocence being robbed

The video sparked controversy across the country. Social media activists even referred to the extent media is affecting the innocence of children with impressionable minds. Others warned about the growing fascination children have with violence and executions.

They also warned about the newly emerging moral of extracting revenge from enemies by executing them.

“The innocence of childhood is being stolen and maimed today in Libya because of the repeated scenes of public bloodshed in the streets every day,” said activist Faraj Farkash said. “It will instill fear, aggression and violence in the generation that has grown up witnessing these events,” he added.

However, blogger Ahmed Altwaijri did not appear to be surprised by the children’s actions. He said: “What do you expect from children who grew up in a society of bloodshed and violation of freedoms? Dear Libyans, look forward to another generation of terrorists.”

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