Morocco arrests man after viral sexual assault video

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Police on Wednesday reportedly arrested a man after a video emerged on social media showing the sexual assault of a teenage girl in Morocco.

The accused has been identified as Yaseeen, 21. Police investigations also unraveled the identity of the person who filmed the incident which took place in January.

In the concerned video, the man was seen forcibly removing the clothes off the girl, identified only as Khawla, and touching her inappropriately as she yelled “Don’t you have a sister? Would you want someone to do this to her?”

The video, which was recorded in an unknown area in Morocco, ended with her begging her attacker to stop in order to at least reach a compromise.

The incident caused outrage among social media users in Morocco who called for the prosecution of the man whose face is visible in the video. The hashtag “Don’t you have a sister?” also trended on social media.

Since the video’s spread, the NGO “Don’t touch my child”, which specialized in defending minors who are victims of sexual assault, has requested an immediate governmental intervention on the incident which it described as a “monstrous act”.

In a statement, the NGO also requested that the rapists are firmly prosecuted.

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