Rape video of minor girl sends shockwaves across Morocco

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A video circulating on social media of a man attempting to rape a minor girl in a public street in Morocco has caused an uproar in the country.

In the video, the man is seen forcibly trying to remove the girl’s clothes and touching her inappropriately as the girl yells “Don’t you have a sister? Would you want someone to do this to her?”

But the man continued with the assault and can be heard laughing as his friend recorded the horrific incident.

The video, which was recorded in an unknown area in Morocco, ended with the girl begging her aggressor to stop in order to at least reach a compromise.

The incident caused outrage among social media users in Morocco who called for the prosecution of the man whose face is visible in the video. The hashtag “Don’t you have a sister” has also become widespread on social media platforms.

Last August, another rape case caused an uproar in Morocco where a group of men raped a mentally disabled girl on a public bus. The men also recorded the crime and posted the video on social media.

Protests had erupted in major cities across the country following the incident calling for an end to rape culture.

Abdelali Errami, the president of Morocco’s Childhood Forum, said that the continuation of these types of incidents is due to a lack of laws that deter these kinds of crimes, as well as the perpetrators only getting punitive punishments. Activist Yasin Hadari also called for the need to “strike with an iron fist in the face of these monsters so they can be an example to others.”