VIDEO: Libyan army launches offensive against groups attacking oil crescent area

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Libya’s air force carried out successful air strikes on Sunday on positions of forces that carried out the attack in the oil crescent region.

The Libyan army’s media arm published videos showing explosions of ammunition depots which belonged to whom they called “hostile forces” amid the sounds of heavy flights.

A military source told Al Arabiya English that the air strikes were not limited on destroying the ammunition depots, but also destroyed focused on tanks and other equipment.

For his part, the emergency team of the Libyan Red Crescent Ajdabia branch announced on its official page on Friday evening that it received 28 bodies resulting from clashes between the army and the attacking forces in oil crescent region.

Another military source explained that the air strike which the army announced after launching an offensive on Saturday came after armed forces “pursued the remnants of the attacking forces around the crescent region, especially in the south amid the desert” asserting the wounding of senior leaders, including Ahmed al-Tagouri, a leader in “the defense of Benghazi brigades” extremist organization during the air strikes.

This comes as an oil storage tank at the Ras Lanuf port in Libya was ablaze on Sunday amid fighting between rival factions for control of the terminals in Libya's oil crescent, a firefighting official said.

Ras Lanuf's storage tank No. 2 held 200,000 barrels of crude at the time, the official said. Another Ras Lanuf tank, No. 12, had already been set alight and damaged on Thursday, when armed groups stormed Ras Lanuf and the neighbouring terminal of Es Sider.

Groups opposed to Khalifa Haftar's Libyan National Army (LNA), which has held ports in the oil crescent since 2016, mounted Thursday's attack. It led the National Oil Corporation (NOC) to shut the terminals and evacuate them, declaring force majeure on exports.

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