Shock in Algeria…41 confirmed cholera cases

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Forty-one cholera cases have been confirmed among patients hospitalized in four regions of Algeria.

According to the Algerian Health Ministry, the outbreak includes Algiers, Blida, Tipasa and Bouira.

Thursday Djamel Fourar, Central Prevention Director at the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, said that hospitals in central Algeria have been mobilized due to Cholera outbreak.

Jamal Forara added that his department recorded 88 suspected cases. The ministry has formed a contingency team after drinking and dirty waters mixed due to bad networks' connection. It advised against visiting patients at hospitals to avert further spread of the highly communicable disease.

Many Algerians expressed shock over the return of the disease. Activists on social media mocked the authorities over its health policies.

Activists denounced the remarks made by the official who played down the epidemic “as other countries such as Yemen, Chad and Niger have discovered cholera outbreaks.”

The official said cholera outbreaks were found in many countries “but, unlike them, we announce our findings.”

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