Turkish drone downed in Ain Zara, south of Libya’s Tripoli

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Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) evacuated all fuel tankers in the port of Tripoli after attacks by Eastern Libyan forces on Tuesday, in a new escalation in the battle for control of Tripoli.

The NOC in a statement said that “all fuel vessels have been evacuated urgently from Tripoli port after a strike near LPG ship.”

“All offloading operations were cancelled after projectiles struck near a highly explosive LPG tanker in Tripoli port,” the statement added.

On Tuesday evening, the Libyan National Army (LNA) announced the shooting down of a Turkish drone in Ain Zara, south of the capital, Tripoli.

The Libyan army spokesman said that the drone had taken off from the Mitiga Air Force Base, to target the LNA’s positions, in response to the army’s bombing of a Turkish cargo ship carrying ammunition and weapons coming from Turkey at the Tripoli port.

“The Turkish ship loaded with weapons and ammunition docked this morning in the port of Tripoli was destroyed,” the statement from the LNA’s media center said.

Since January, Turkey has sent several ships carrying arms and heavy trucks to Tripoli and Misrata, another western port, diplomats say.

- With Reuters