Princess Reema at FII Priority: Saudis unite under Vision 2030 in shared wellbeing

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Saudi Ambassador to the US Princess Reema bint Bandar highlighted the unifying effect of Vision 2030 in Saudi Arabia in a panel at the FII Priority summit in Miami. She said the Kingdom’s strategy drove the success of young people in the private sector today, and encouraged individuals to view themselves as part of a collective and recognizing that their ambitions contribute to the wellbeing of others.

“Unifying vision… in the Kingdom we have that. The reason you are seeing success of young people, not just entering the government, but entering the private sector is: today, every single young person knows their role in this vision of evolving our country,” Princess Reema said at a panel discussing the largest cost of living crisis of the 21st century titled ‘The People’s Bottom Line’.


“Vision 2030 is creating the opportunity for the individual to be a part of the collective and recognize that every piece, every step, of work, of ambition that they have adds to the collective wellbeing of everybody else. And I think that is what is really driving us as a nation,” she added.

The ambassador underscored the importance of equal opportunities for both genders, considering that 70 percent of the Saudi population is younger than 35 years old, with a near equal male-female split. Vision 2030 has facilitated educational pathways and job opportunities in fields such as hospitality, tourism, and sports, with over $100 million spent on creating more than three million jobs. These opportunities help uplift individuals and their families, fostering a better society.

“Over a $100 million has been spent on, not just traditional education, but expanding the pipelines of opportunity for young people in hospitality, tourism, [and] sports… These are over three million jobs and opportunities for young people to earn a decent living; a wage that can then help them uplift, not just themselves, but their households and families, and create opportunities for others,” she said.

Princess Reema expressed her optimism about the shift in young people's aspirations from secure government jobs to entrepreneurship, with 58 percent now preferring the latter. She sees this as a sign that the system is supporting and driving the aspirations of young Saudis, inspiring them to contribute to the Kingdom's progress and embrace their collective identity for shared wellbeing.

“If you came to the Kingdom five years ago, not one young person would want to step out of the government environment of jobs and crossover to entrepreneurship. Today, 58 percent of our young people aspire to entrepreneurship, not government work. [This] means that they’re willing to step out of the traditional, secure income to opportunity, and that means that the system is supporting and driving them. And I think that, for me, is what’s inspiring about being in the Kingdom today,” she said.

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