Actress victimized by acid attack in Pakistan

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A Pakistan-based actress and singer, Bushra Waiz, was attacked with acid while sleeping at her family home in Islamabad on Saturday, reported The Times Newspaper this week.

Her brother alleges that a man poured acid on Waiz’s face after she refused to continue working with him.

“A man climbed the wall of our house in the early hours, came to my sister’s bed and threw acid on her and then fled,” her brother, Pervez Khan said to The Times Newspaper.

Khan blamed the incident on a local Pashtun TV drama producer named Shaukat Khan, who was allegedly unhappy with Waiz for both her refusal to marry him and work with him.

“I couldn’t see him myself but I am sure he was Shaukat as my sister had refused to continue working in his dramas and that’s why he resorted to this act of violence.”

The victim’s mother told the Dawn newspaper: “My daughter used to work as an actress and was hired by a producer named Shaukat Khan to act in his stage dramas and plays . . . but he was not willing to pay her and this led to a number of verbal arguments following which she refused to continue her acting.”

Officials say that Shaukat Khan is originally from Swat, West Pakistan, and speculate that he may have fled there after the attack.

“We are working on the case and hope to arrest him soon” Ijaz Khan, chief of police in Nowshera, an area in Islamabad’s northwest, told The Times Newspaper.

Waiz was taken to hospital soon after the incident; she was in a critical condition immediately after the event, according to the newspaper.

According to Acid Survivors Foundation, an Islamabad-based charity, in 2012 around 150 cases of acid attacks were reported.

Family feuds and marriage refusals are the two main reasons behind the usage of acid as a form of punishment, according to The Times Newspaper.

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