World poll: America biggest security threat, most popular place to live

When it comes to countries people want to live, security doesn’t factor in, according to the poll

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The Win/Gallup International end of the year poll garnered paradoxical results when the United States was voted the biggest threat to global security yet the place that most people wanted to live.

America received 24 percent of the vote when it came to the world’s biggest threat, with Pakistan coming in a distance second with 8 percent. China and Afghanistan received 6 and 5 percent respectively.

Unsurprisingly, America didn’t quit see itself as the biggest threat. Americans voted Iran as the top threat, with Afghanistan coming in second.

14 percent of Americans, however, realized their country’s military hegemony and therefore its potential for destruction and named their own country the biggest threat.

Taking into consideration of all its threats to strike Iran, many countries voted Israel was the biggest threat. Morocco, Lebanon and Iraq all chose Israel as the number one danger to world peace.

The survey also asked participant, “If there were no barriers to living in any country of the world, which country would you like to live in?” Despite considering America the world’s gravest security threat, most of the respondents chose the country for the place they would most like to live.

Despite a tumultuous 2013 for much of the world and widespread economic instability, the poll found the world’s happiness index was extremely high all over the world except for in Europe.

Taking into consideration the results from the global poll since 1989, people in general have a more positive outlook on economic prosperity for the coming year, the poll found.

Moreover, the majority of people think 2014 will be better than 2013.

The poll, first conducted in 1977, asked over 66,000 thousand people from over 68 countries.

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