North Korean official 'executed by flame-thrower'

The senior official was executed amid efforts to purge those suspected of being loyal to the North Korean leader’s slain uncle

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North Korean leader Kim Jon-Un executed a senior official this week by a flame-thrower amid efforts to purge those suspected of being loyal to the leader’s slain uncle, allegedly fed to 120 dogs earlier this year.

Deputy Minister O Sang-hon was reportedly executed because he had followed instructions by Kim Jon-un's uncle, Jang Song-taek, to transform the Ministry of Public Security into a personal division to protect his business dealings.

Eleven senior party officials close to Jang have been sent to political prison camp or executed, The Telegraph reported Monday.

Jang was executed in December after being found guilty of corruption and participating in activities that ran counter to the Workers' Party of Korea. Since then, the government has closed the department within the Workers’ Party previously under his leadership.

While reports of the execution were not immediately confirmed, Kim Jon-un has had a record of killing political adversaries, most notably that of his uncle and five of his aides last December.

Kim, in his New Year message broadcast on state TV, described the purge of a “faction” within the ruling party as a “resolute action."

“Our party took a resolute action to remove... scum elements within the party last year,” Kim said, repeating the party’s earlier accusation against Jang that he tried to build his own powerbase.

Kim's uncle was reportedly stripped naked and fed to 120 starved dogs, according to local media reports.

A vice minister of the army was also brutally executed in 2012 for drinking in the mourning period after the death of Kim Jong-il.

According to South Korean media, Kim Chol was killed by mortar shelling after the North Korean leader ordered there to be "no trace of him behind, down to his hair."

Seoul has expressed concern over the surge in political purges is indicative of an increasingly unstable Pyongyang, made worse by recent belligerence being demonstrated by the North.