Police probe London sign declaring Islamic area

Poster slammed by local council spokesman as ‘alarming and divisive’

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A sign declaring a London park to be an Islamic area is being investigated by British police.

The warning, printed on paper and posted in London’s Bartlett Park, reads: “Do not walk your dog here! Muslims do not like dogs. This is an islamic [sic] area now.”

A council spokesman called the poster “alarming and divisive.”

Jim Fitzpatrick, a local member of parliament, alerted police to the sign after a dog-walker complained, the Evening Standard daily reported.

The politician said he believes the sign may have been posted by a far-right group such as the English Defence League.

“The question is whether it was put up by the EDL to be provocative or by religious zealots to be racist,” Fitzpatrick told the paper.

“It’s another facet of intolerance, or, because there’s no guarantee it was done by Islamists, it could be those in society who are trying to polarize and divide us.”

The sign has been removed, and local police are conducting additional patrols in the area.