UK Muslims further support MI5 to quash ISIS

Muslims in the UK said they would work with police and intelligence to help find extremists associated with the ISIS

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Muslims in the United Kingdom have joined British intelligence in the hunt for extremists who have joined the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Metro news website reported.

One woman, whose son is reported to have joined ISIS in Syria, said the group not only betrayed Islam, but are also “killing humanity.”

This follows a video released by ISIS reportedly showing the execution of U.S. photojournalist James Foley by a man who spoke in what has been identified to be a British accent.

In consequence, Muslims in the UK, including parents of those suspected to have joined extremist groups, said they would work with police and intelligence to help find these militants.

Chief executive of Britain’s Ramadhan Foundation, Mohammed Shafiq, promised to help police and intelligence agencies find British-based extremists or those who return home from fighting for ISIS.

“As Muslims, we reject terrorism and the evil ISIS, they do not act in our name and we abhor anyone who supports them,” he told the British tabloid.

“We stand ready to support the police and intelligence agencies in their work to defeat terrorism and protect our nation,” he said.

“Anyone involved in that sort of activity should be reported to the police and MI5, Muslims across Britain are keen to do whatever we can to help,” he said.

In a statement posted on their website, the Muslim Council of Britain condemned ISIS’ “psychopathic violence, whether it is on minorities, on civilians, or on fellow Muslims.”

“ISIS does not speak for Islam, and has been repudiated by all Muslims,” the statement read.

British Intelligence officials believe as many as 600 Britons have gone to fight for ISIS, the Metro said.

Reyaad Khan, born in the UK, is believed to be one of those who have joined ISIS.

“It is wrong to take a life, beheading is wrong,” his mother, Rukia Khan, said.

Prime Minister David Cameron returned early from vacation to condemn the “barbaric and brutal” murder of Foley, while President Barak Obama said the U.S. would avenge the “hateful” killing.

The U.S. has conducted airstrikes against ISIS targets in northern Iraq where thousands of the Yazidi community have been forced to flee as they faced an ultimatum to convert to Islam or be killed. The UK also launched humanitarian aid air-drops to those who have been stranded on Sinjar Mountain where many of those who fled have sought refuge.

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