Anti-semitic attacks soar to highest levels recorded in UK: media

Incidents included vandalism, holocaust denial, and abuse and threats made against Jewish people

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The number of anti-Semitic attacks has soared to the highest levels ever recorded in the United Kingdom, British newspaper The Guardian has reported, citing statistics released by the Community Security Trust.

There were 1,168 recorded incidents against Britain’s Jewish population in 2014 - double the number of the previous year – and 25 percent more than 2009 when numbers were last published, the newspaper added.

Incidents have included the defacing of a Holocaust Memorial Day poster, holocaust denial, and abuse and threats made against Jewish people – as well as 81 violent assaults against individuals.

Britain’s home secretary, Theresa May said the figures were “deeply concerning” and “a warning to everyone to do more to stop antisemitism in Britain."

The Community Security Trust told the newspaper that the surge in antisemitism was fuelled by reactions to the conflict in Gaza in July and August that claimed the lives of 2,131 Palestinians and 71 Israelis.

In July there were more attacks in that one month than the previous six – the newspaper added.

In one incident a man was reported shouting at a group of Jewish schoolchildren on a London bus. He was quoted as having said: “Get the Jews off the bus” and “I’m going to burn the bus.”

“Last year’s large increase in recorded incidents shows just how easily antisemitic attitudes can erupt into race-hate abuse, threats and attacks,” David Delew, chief executive of the CST was quoted as saying.