Muslim man dressed as ‘imam’ insulted while walking in Milan

“Taliban,” a woman shouted upon seeing him on a Milan street

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A Muslim student walked around the Italian city of Milan wearing a traditional white robe and a cap while holding a Quran for five hours and the reaction of passer-bys was discomforting.

“S***, have you seen the ISIS,” asked one of the passer-bys heard in the resulting video, in reference to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).


“Taliban,” a woman shouted upon seeing him on a Milan street.

Dressed as a Muslim preacher, Hamdy Mahisen, of Egyptian descent, silently strode around Milan as part of a “social experiment” to test people’s tolerance toward Muslims. The experiment was conducted by Italian newspaper La Repubblica, according to The Huffington Post.

Mahisen, 30, who speaks fluent Italian and lives in the city with his parents, elicited stares and insulting remarks.

muslim man in milan screengrab
muslim man in milan screengrab

“Look, he has got the Quran. Think he’s got a gun under his tunic?” said one commenter. Numerous references to terrorism are made throughout the three-minute video.

The video comes at a time when Islamophobia is on the rise in Europe, following attacks in Paris and Copenhagen. Earlier this week, female students at six Italian colleges were banned from wearing the head veil, according to Messaggero Veneto.

Muslim man in milan screengrab
Muslim man in milan screengrab
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